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Human Resources Consulting

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"Overall, the greatest benefit which our company gets from your services, Rich, is a strong sense of comfort.  I, for one, know I don't have to be concerned about a lot of the small details in managing Personnel issues which, if left unattended, can turn into much more serious matters later.  My time is better spent keeping my attention on running the business."
James Krotzer, V.P. - Techni-Cast Corporation

Out-sourced, Retained Human Resources Consulting

ADAMS HR ENTERPRISES has revolutionized Human Resources consulting. Years before out-sourcing became a common way of acquiring professional services in corporate America, Mr. Adams was providing professional retained part-time on-premises Human Resources, Safety and Workers' Compensation consulting.

Mr. Adams takes the liabilities, unnecessary costs, risks, confusion and frustration out of the relationship between employers and their employees and does it with a unique outsourcing twist. His Human Resources executive skills are provided on a retained part-time on-premises basis at companies with three million gross annual sales to 150 million gross annual sales, 25 employees to 1,000 employees.

Mr. Adams specializes in providing his clients the full breadth and depth of Human Resources expertise with a focus on reasonable compliance. He usually starts with a Human Resources audit, followed by a list of recommendations, project design and implementation.

Expertise includes:

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